# Ghosts of Saltmarsh A high-sea treasure trove is yours for the taking in this adventure for 1-12. ![[ghosts-of-saltmarsh.webp]] Nestled on the coast of the Azure Sea is Saltmarsh, a sleepy fishing village that sits on the precipice of destruction. Smugglers guide their ships to hidden coves, willing to slit the throat of anyone fool enough to cross their path. Cruel sahuagin gather beneath the waves, plotting to sweep away coastal cities. While Saltmarsh slumbers, the evils that seek to plunder it grow stronger. ## Gameplay For gameplay dates and times, visit [[Schedule]] for more information. Check Old Man Umby's profile at [StartPlaying.games](https://startplaying.games/gm/oldmanumby) for open seat availability. ## Area Map ![[D&D 5E Greyhawk/_assets/maps/map-area-saltmarsh.jpg]] [to enlarge: zoom window or open image in new tab]