# Adventure Timeline The official anthology timeline of the Forgotten Realms published adventures. ![[D&D 5E Forgotten Realms/_assets/timeline-cover-sundering1.webp]] Each year of Dale Reckoning (DR) follows the Calendar of Harptos, created by the wizard Harptos. Years in Faerun have 12 months, each of 30 days. A week in the Forgotten Realms is a ten-day (10 days, not 7), so each month has an even 3 weeks. An additional 5 days fall between months, bringing the yearly total to 365 days per year. Days of the week don’t have names. Instead, the day is referred to by the date and month, such as the 14th of Marpenoth. ## The Sundering ![[D&D 5E Forgotten Realms/_assets/timeline-sundering-logo.webp]] **The First Sundering** occurred in [[D&D 5E Forgotten Realms/History#The First Flowering|ancient times]] (around -17,600 DR) before humans came into Toril, when elven high mages united to create the Evermeet lands. Due to their powerful magic, the supercontinent of Merrouroboros was torn apart, creating what is now known as the Trackless Sea and the continents of Faerûn, Maztica, and Katashaka, among other physical changes, and also changed the way magic works. It changed the pantheon of the gods. **The Second Sundering** was equally cataclysmic but occurred in [[D&D 5E Forgotten Realms/History#Era of Upheaval|recent times]]. Beginning in 1484 DR, about one hundred years after the onset of the Spellplague, natural disasters and calamities flashed across the planet Toril. Earthquakes, vast flooding, wars, droughts, and volcanic eruptions tore the world apart, and by 1489 DR, this Second Sundering would change the world physically and culturally. The Spellplague had caused huge changes to the planet, but The Second Sundering reversed most of them, and magic would be much like before. ### Sundering Adventures The following adventures occur in the backdrop of the Second Sundering. | Dates | Adventures | Levels | | ---- | ---- | ---- | | 1479 DR | [[Vault of the Dracolich]] | 4th | | 1482 DR | [[Murder in Baldur's Gate]] | 1st-3rd | | 1485 DR | [[Ghost of Dragonspear Castle]] | 1st-10th | | 1485 DR | [[Legacy of the Crystal Shard]] | 1st-3rd | | 1485 DR | [[Scourge of the Sword Coast]] | 2nd-4th | | 1486 DR | [[Dead in Thay]] | 6th-8th | | 1487 DR | [[Confrontation at Candlekeep]] | 2nd | ## Post-Sundering After the Sundering, all the wars that started in its wake ended. In 1488 DR, the few remaining Netherese forces fought the Bedine over the Memory Spire, causing an emergence of the phaerimm. The League of Silver Marches disbanded in the aftermath of the war with the orcs, and Sembia dissolved into city-states. By the end of the Sundering, the world began to look very much like how it was during the 14th century DR, although preserving a few of the changes from the tumultuous Era of Upheaval. ### Geography At the end of the Second Sundering, most of the consequences that the Spellplague had wrought upon Toril were nowhere to be seen. The majority of the earthmotes had fallen, the Sea of the Fallen Stars had returned to its pre-Spellplague volume, the Underchasm had been filled in, and nations and most of the lands that were sent to Abeir during the Spellplague had returned to Toril. ### Pantheon During the Second Sundering, many previously presumed dead or missing deities managed to return to life or re-emerge; they moved quickly to amass new followers and reclaim some of their former portfolios, resulting in a new distribution of spheres of influence among the [[D&D 5E Forgotten Realms/Pantheon|Faerûnian deities]]. Known examples were: Mystra, Helm, Mask, Lathander, Bhaal, all the previously lost Drow gods, Leira, Myrkul, Gilgeam, Enlil, and Nanna-Sin; all the Mulhorandi gods, Azuth, and Tyr, among others. For other deities - like Shar - the Second Sundering resulted in a loss of power and influence. The Lady of Loss suffered greatly in the wake of the defeat of the Shadovar and the destruction of the city of Shade in the battle with the forces of Myth Drannor. Telamont Tanthul and most of the Princes of Shade were also killed, weakening the goddess of darkness. ### Post-Sundering Adventures The following adventures occur post-Second Sundering. | Dates | Adventures | Levels | | ------- | -------------------------------------------------- | --------- | | 1485 DR | Rise of the Githyanki: [[Lich-Queen's Incursion]]* | 1st-20th | | 1485 DR | [[Rise of the Lost City]] | 1st-14th | | 1486 DR | [[Out of the Abyss]] | 1st-15th | | 1489 DR | Icewind Dale: [[Rime of the Frost Maiden]] | 1st-12th | | 1489 DR | [[Wild Beyond the Witchlight]] | 1st-8th | | 1489 DR | [[Tyranny of Dragons]] | 1st-15th | | 1490 DR | [[Storm King's Thunder]] | 1st-10th | | 1490 DR | [[Tomb of Annihilation]] | 1st-11th | | 1491 DR | [[Dragons of Stormwreck Isle]] | 1st-3rd | | 1491 DR | [[Princes of the Apocalypse]] | 1st-15th | | 1491 DR | Phandelver and Below: [[The Shattered Obelisk]] | 1st-12th | | 1492 DR | [[Candlekeep Mysteries]] | 1st-14th | | 1492 DR | [[Dragons of Icespire Peak]] | 1st-6th | | 1492 DR | Waterdeep Pt1: [[Dragon Heist]] | 1st-5th | | 1492 DR | Waterdeep Pt2: [[Dungeon of the Mad Mage]] | 5th-20th | | 1486 DR | [[Out of the Abyss]] | 1st-15th | | 1494 DR | Baldur's Gate Pt1: [[Decent into Avernus]] | 1st-13th | | 1494 DR | Baldur's Gate Pt2: [[Chains of Asmodeus]] | 10th-20th | \* The [[Lich-Queen's Incursion]] and the [[Rise of the Lost City]] are not official Forgotten Realms 5E adventures, but their epic natures warrant their inclusion here as part of my Forgotten Realms Master Campaign series. ![[D&D 5E Forgotten Realms/_assets/timeline-sundering2.webp]]