# Star Trek: First Class The adventures of Starfleet Academy's first graduating class. ![[Star Trek Adventures/_assets/covers-startrek-firstclass/startrek-firstclass.webp]] A play-by-post *Star Trek Adventures* (2D20) academy campaign is under development. ## Gameplay For gameplay dates and times, visit [[Schedule]] for more information. # Introduction In the next four years, you will experience the hardest challenges and the greatest adventure you have ever known. You have earned the right to wear a cadet's uniform by proving yourselves in tests of academics, physical prowess, and character. You are the best your worlds have to offer, for only the best can represent the United Federation of Planets in Starfleet. The Federation needs Starfleet and the ideals it represents now more than ever. With the Federation constantly tested by outside forces, with the bounds of our knowledge, pushed forward farther and farther each day, we need those willing to answer the call to duty to serve the Federation and what it represents. Each of you heard that call and answered it. The training you have undergone to reach this point is not the end. It is only the beginning of the experiences that will shape you into Starfleet officers. Here at the Academy you will learn the lessons needed to take your place beside the legends of Starfleet and Federation history. Starfleet Academy has a long and illustrious tradition of excellence. You follow in the footsteps of individuals who shaped the Federation's history - not only starship captains like Robert April, Christopher Pike, James T. Kirk, Matt Decker, Tryla Scott, and Jean-Luc Picard, but ambassadors, scientists, engineers, doctors, and explorers who expanded the frontiers of knowledge and possibility for our society-true pioneers all. You will learn more than starship operations procedures in the four years ahead. You will study science and philosophy. You will examine history and the many lessons it teaches us. You will practice the twin arts of combat and diplomacy. You will learn to think and to reason, and more importantly, you will learn the qualities of honor, truth, fairness, and respect, which lie at the heart of a Starfleet officer's service. You will meet representatives of many different species during your time with us. You will study the most advanced technologies and theories under the guidance of the Federation's finest minds. You will learn to expand the frontiers of your own experience as Starfleet expands the Federation's frontiers. You will also face hardships and challenges you've never confronted before. Some of you may not succeed—there is no shame in this. You have already proven yourself among the best simply by your presence here. The challenges you face here will help prepare you for a service career in the finest Starfleet tradition. In the days and months to come, reflect on all you achieved to reach this point. Let this spirit of achievement spur you on to even greater heights. And no matter how much you may achieve, remember these first days when you began following your path to service. Take pride in all you accomplished to bring you here today. Congratulations, cadets. Your adventure is just beginning!