# Theatre of the Mind Why Theater of the mind is the superior gaming methodology! [date goes here] | by Old Man Umby [cover goes here] This style of play is where everything in-game is wholly imagined, taking place in the players' minds, and is at the heart of Sundered Shadows. Here, the group can experience interactive adventures through the back-and-forth storytelling between the gamemaster and the players. Many modern rulesets rely on tactical rules that get in the way, interfering with the moment's creativity. These games utilize a tactical landscape that is too restrictive; it's like watching a turn-by-turn video game in slow motion, and it gets worse under the guise of virtual tabletops (VTTs). Theatre-of-the-mind is non-tactical and allows players and gamemasters to describe actions in quick detail without worrying about the tactical rules. Although handouts and maps can be utilized, this methodology allows gaming groups to concentrate more on the storylines, descriptions, and characterizations. This provides an opportunity to visualize and respond to everything in more detail and in less time, allowing for more productive and enjoyable game sessions. In addition, the gamemaster will spend less time preparing the tools of the trade for each adventure. Many consider this mind’s eye approach the quintessential gaming style!