# GROG Space Destroy Evil. Drink grog. ![[assets/cover-home-framed.webp]] Welcome to Old Man Umby's gaming webportal for published tabletop RPG content and live online and play-by-post campaigns. Most campaigns are pay-to-play, but some are free! ## :: Where Do I Go Next * **If you're here to play** in one of Old Man Umby's RPG campaigns, please visit [[Steps to Play]]. Otherwise, feel free to browse the site. There is much to read and see across many game systems and campaigns. Enjoy! * **If you're here to browse** the content and learn about Obsidian's ability to manage roleplaying game campaigns, you can see more by visiting [[Using Obsidian]]. ## :: About Old Man Umby Gamer. Designer. Writer. Publisher. Tinkerer. Pro GM. ![[assets/oldmanumby.webp|Old Man Umby]] I follow a gamer-first philosophy. I love to play and create, and I only play and create what I love. My passion for tabletop roleplaying games knows no bounds. I started playing RPGs on Easter Weekend in 1980. I've played and mastered many games, far more than I can recount here. I have my favs, but there are still many I would love to explore. I run professional, fast-paced, high-risk, theater-of-the-mind, OSR-style roleplaying game campaigns. The goal is to offer continuous weekly campaign sessions you can count on. Serious gamers are needed; I have many years of experience running "sandbox-style" long-term campaigns. I run games online as I would around a table; no slow play or VTT. I mostly use "theatre-of-the-mind" with the occasional maps in Owlbear Rodeo. I run multiple games on most days of the week. Live game sessions run for 3 hours. Obviously, play-by-posts (PbP) times will vary. * To read my personal gaming blog, visit [OldManUmby.com](https://oldmanumby.com). * To sign up for games or contact me, visit [StartPlaying.Games Profile](https://startplaying.games/gm/oldmanumby). * To leave me a review, visit my [reviews](https://startplaying.games/gm/oldmanumby/review) page on StartPlaying.Games. * To begin the process of playing, visit the [[Steps to Play]] page. ## :: Current Reads * [Elminster's Forgotten Realms](https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/166568/Ed-Greenwood-Presents-Elminsters-Forgotten-Realms) * ALL Forgotten Realms [[D&D 5E Forgotten Realms/Adventures Timeline|Sundering adventures]] ## :: Projects of Interest Links to other projects coming soon!