# Character Creation Create a D&D 5E character for Forgotten Realms using D&D Beyond. ![[_assets/pc-builds/ddb-screenshots.png]] * **For those familiar** with D&D Beyond's Character Builder, generate your character using the Standard Array Method for abilities and use Starting Equipment packages. * **For those unfamiliar** with D&D Beyond's Character Builder and need more instructions, follow the character builder steps below. >**What if I've already made a character in D&D Beyond?** First, match the [[#Character Builder]] preferences below to your existing character. Also, ensure the *Character Privacy* option is set to "Public." Then, send me the browser link to your character for inspection. Once approved, assign your character (see Step 8 below) to the campaign under D&D Beyond. You're now ready to play. >**What if I've already made a character using another method?** You'll have to convert your character to D&D Beyond. Follow the steps below for making a new character. You'll have to tweak the character to match the requirements for this campaign. You're now ready to play. ## Premade Characters You can view the full [[D&D 5E Greyhawk/Character Premade|Premade Character Sheets]] to get ideas for character builds and use them as a template to create a character quickly. ## Character Creation Methods There are four methods used to create characters at D&D Beyond. The screenshot below shows your choices. If you're using the [D&D Beyond mobile app](https://www.dndbeyond.com/player-app), your choices are more limited. However, the app is great to use for gameplay; it even includes a dice roller. Click on the image below to begin your character-building journey. [![[_assets/pc-builds/ddb-creation-method.png]]](https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/builder) ## Character Builder **IMPORTANT:** Match your Character Preferences EXACTLY to the screenshot below within the Character Builder. Be sure the *Character Privacy* option is set to "Public." ![[_assets/pc-builds/ddb-character-builder.png|DND Beyond Settings]] ## Character Builder Steps ![[_assets/pc-builds/ddb-character-builder-steps.png]] >**REMINDER:** Match your Character Builder Preferences to the screenshot above. 1. **RACE** Select a race and your racial features. Turn off "Legacy Content." 2. **CLASS** Select a class and your class features, including your initial spells (if any). Do not select more spells than your character can prepare in a day based on your chosen class. 3. **ABILITIES** Select the "Standard Array" method for ability scores. The system will modify everything for you automatically. 4. **DESCRIPTION** Under this section, choose your background from the provided list and any other details you wish to fill in at this point. Also, select your alignment; remember, evil is to be destroyed. 5. **EQUIPMENT** Choose the "Starting Equipment" option and click "Equipment," this will populate some additional options for you to choose from. Be sure to click "Add Equipment," or it will not be transferred to the character sheet. **CHARACTER SHEET:** Go to *"What's Next > View Character Sheet"* and double-check everything. To return to the Character Builder, click the *Hammer & Anvil* icon. ### Get Approved Send me the browser link to your completed character so I can approve it. Once I have approved your character, you may assign the character to the campaign; use the original campaign invitation link I sent you. ## AI Generation in Discord I prefer everyone to use an AI-generated portrait and backstory for their characters. I have channels devoted to FREE AI generation on my Grog Space Discord server for players to use. You should automatically have access to these channels; if not, let me know. ![[_assets/pc-builds/discord-ai-channels.png]]