# Character Creation Create a character for Forgotten Realms using D&D Beyond. ![[assets/covers-forgotten-realms/character-creation.webp]] > **TAKE NOTICE:** I run an old-school version of Faerun. Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Half-Elves, Gnomes, and Halflings are the norm. Everything else - especially subterranean or other-worldly races - is rare at best. Contact me first; only a limited number of these rare species is allowed per campaign. > You may not create a character using material from Spelljammer, Planescape, or Book of Many Things. Once you submit the request in [[Steps to Play|Step 3: Access Campaign]], I will send you a link to join the campaign at [D&D Beyond](https://www.dndbeyond.com/); there, you can login or create a free account. The link will take you straight to the campaign, where you can join the campaign using one of the two options below. | **OPTION 1** | **OPTION 2** | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | **USE PREMADE CHARACTER** | **CREATE NEW CHARACTER** | | From the campaign page, select CREATE FROM PREMADE CHARACTERS. Here, select a character already created. However, the guidelines below still apply, so adjust the settings accordingly. | From the campaign page, select CREATE A CHARACTER. Here, you can access character options and features from the extra Dungeons & Dragons material I have purchased. | ![[assets/ddb-screens.png]] **IMPORTANT** :: Within the Character Builder, match your *Character Preferences* exactly to the screenshot below. Be sure the Character Privacy option is set to "Public." ![[assets/ddb-characterbuilder.png|DND Beyond Settings]] ## :: Steps to Character Creation If you are starting under a campaign above 1st level, I will automatically add extra treasure and items to your character sheet once you have completed your character. 1. **CHOOSE RACE** :: Select a race and your corresponding racial features. >Browse through and select the desired race. Click on each for a complete description. You may not create a character using material from Spelljammer, Planescape, or Book of Many Things. 2. **CHOOSE CLASS** :: Select a class and your corresponding class features. >Here is where you select your initial spells (if any). Do not select more spells than your character can prepare in a day; more spells will be forthcoming. 3. **GENERATE ABILITY SCORES** :: Select the "Standard Array" method for ability scores. >Place the ability scores as desired to promote your class and character concept. 4. **CHOOSE BACKGROUND** :: Choose your Background from the provided list. >All backgrounds are available except for *odd* or *other-worldly* types. When in doubt, check with me first. > You may also enter any other details or characteristics within this section. >***Name.*** If you haven't done so yet, name your character; avoid silly or inappropriate names; the suggested names are helpful. Good names are important in my campaigns. >***Alignment.*** Select your alignment; remember, evil is to be destroyed. >***Inspiration.*** As a houserule, I do not use 5th Edition's Inspiration system. As such, I do not track "Personal Characteristics" such as *personality*, *ideals*, *bonds*, and *flaws*; you can leave these blank or record them as roleplaying reminders for yourself. >***Backstory.*** If so desired, or you're short on time, you may skip the Backstory. We'll add details to your character's backstory as the campaign progresses. I prefer the "Show, don't tell" method, which works well for Hollywood and novelists. If you include or generate a backstory via AI (see below), keep it short and open to interpretation, as I will add more backstory as we play. I always work a character's backstory into the adventures, often in surprising ways. 5. **EQUIPMENT** :: Choose your initial equipment options from the predetermined list. >Under the "Equipment" section, choose the "Starting Equipment" options from the predetermined list. Be sure to click "Add Equipment," or it will not be transferred to your character sheet. Next, add 100 extra Gold to your character, and buy other equipment you need; no magic or homebrew items. 6. **VIEW CHARACTER SHEET** :: Double-check everything on your character sheet. >Go to *"What's Next > View Character Sheet"* and double-check everything. To make adjustments, click the *Hammer & Anvil* icon and return to the Character Builder. 7. **CONTACT ME** :: Submit a ticket through my Discord [Help Channel](https://discord.com/channels/1005846286014107679/1138197476168454145). >Send me the browser link to your completed character so I can approve it. Let me know if you need any help, I'll gladly assist. ## :: AI Generation Create an AI-generated image and backstory for your character. I have channels devoted to this on my Grog Space Discord server. As a starting point, simply copy and paste the following prompts exactly; replace "NAME RACE CLASS" with your character choices, for example, "Rimbod, a Human Wizard." Include any other details you wish to add. Adjust as needed. **For Backstory:** ```/write prompt: Create a short Dungeon & Dragons backstory, under 250-words, for NAME, a RACE CLASS from Daggerford in Forgotten Realms.``` **For Portrait:** ```/imagine prompt: Create a character portrait of a Dungeon & Dragon's RACE CLASS from Lord of the Rings. Style is dark and photorealistic.``` ## :: The Daggerford Region All characters begin in Daggerford. If you give your character a short backstory, include Daggerford itself or traveling to the area. ![[assets/maps-forgottenrealms/map-area-daggerford.jpg|Daggerford Region Map]] [to enlarge: zoom window or open image in new tab]