# Introduction The deep, dark forest of Ravenwood is but a tiny portion of a much larger campaign setting known as The Driftworlds. ![[AD&D 2E Ravenwood/_assets/_masters/rw-master-campaign.mov.hq.webp]] As the dark Underworld crosses the sky, through the towering canopy of the Ravenwood, casting long shadows over the ancient trees, you gather around a campfire in a remote clearing within the vast dark forest. The cold air is filled with the scent of damp earth, and the distant sounds of nocturnal creatures echo through the woods. It's a tranquil night, yet unease gnaws at your hearts. It's dangerous to be this deep into Ravenwood; many do not return. Your characters, each hailing from different backgrounds and city-states, have converged at this isolated spot, in waiting. You arrived here alone, yet you are not alone; you see others with the same look of unease in their eyes around the campfire. These are your fellow adventurers, brought together by The Fates; if you believe in the old ways, most don't entrust in the Incarnates anymore. The gods have long departed these worlds. Only in the before-time were they honored with prayers and sacrifices. As you sit in contemplation, watching the many moons drift across the sky, a weathered and grizzled figure emerges from the shadows; quiet as a mouse, he steps into the circle of firelight. With a tattered cloak and mystical staff in hand, he peers at each of your startled faces; the wild tangle of his beard betrays a lifetime of wandering these strange woods. Several of you reach for your weapons, but with a knowing glint in his eye, he quickly speaks: "Welcome to the deep Ravenwood, travelers. You've come seeking answers, yes? Or redemption for a history you know nothing of? But know this: our little moon is on the brink of darkness, much darker than this forest can impart, and your destinies are woven into the very fabric of this land. The Blighted Crawl, an ever-encroaching wasteland, threatens to swallow this forest and everything in its path. Only the Rangers of Duskpoint keep the blight at bay. An ancient evil known as the Mórdvíg, a name only whispered in the ruins near ancient Drifthalls, seeks to consume our land and our people. It has done so once already. Can you not see its destruction around you? Can you not feel it in the ground? The ruins are everywhere, but all shall be what once was." He pauses, allowing the gravity of his words to settle in, but only more confusion is brought with each passing moment. Everyone eases their grips. Yet, the monstrous trees around you seem to close in like the old towers of the cities you hail; they cast eerie shadows that dance like specters in the dark. "You are not the first to tread these woods, you see," the grizzled figure continues, "Even this far in, the ruins of a forgotten civilization, the remnants of a once-mighty race, lay hidden beneath your feet. Among these ruins, you will find the Driftstones, ancient stones hidden by the overgrowth and adorned with the enigmatic carvings of our predecessors." With a dramatic flourish, the figure leads you to one such Driftstone hidden among the trees and moss-covered leaves; its massive, seemingly heavy form, nearly three feet across, is barely visible. The figure brushes away some leaves. The stone lay quiet yet appears to emanate an unseen, otherworldly aura you can still feel. "These Driftstones are your keys to unlocking the mysteries of Ravenwood and, indeed, our past," he declares. "Step upon one and activate it, and you shall be 'Drifted' past the horrors of the deep woods to another stone elsewhere in the vastness. They are the legacy of a civilization long gone, and they hold the power to reshape destinies. But are you the adventurous souls I've sought? Or will your fears persuade you to return to your meager lives and unspoken pasts?" The fire crackles as the forest around you holds its breath, awaiting your answer. You can almost hear the vines entwine about the trees. Your mind wanders to the words - Drifthalls and Driftstones. Your journey into the deep recesses of Ravenwood, the forest of solitude, has begun. ## Ravenwood The vast forest of Ravenwood rests upon one of the many moons orbiting a huge, dark planet known only as the Underworld. Though an expansive history could divulge more, much remains a mystery as the many races have only recently "awakened." Much of the before-time has yet to be revealed. This dark and terrible forest is dangerous to explore, but it may hold the keys to many doors. ![[AD&D 2E Ravenwood/_assets/maps-ravenwood/map-ravenwood.png]] [to enlarge: zoom window or open image in new tab] ==THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. CAMPAIGN COMING SOON==